"I Wanna Get Better"

"I spent the past year working on the music but not talking about it, and eventually it became this psychotic alter-ego situation, where it was second nature to have this part of me that no one knew about. Except for a small group of people, most of which happened to be members of my immediate family, no one was aware that this music, or this album even existed.” ~ Jack Antonoff

So… I talk shit about fun. all the time.  Like, a cornerstone of this blog has been ragging on fun. and Kelly Clarkson and how fucking boring they are.  Bleachers is the side project of fun.’s Jack Antonoff, and while the verdict is still out on the album (as it hasn’t been released yet), I do really like the single in a way that I have never liked a song by fun.

I’m not sure what exactly is going on with fun., whether Bleachers is Jack Antonoff just passing the time until singer Nate Ruess is done making milquetoast ballads with Pink and Eminem that only serve to highlight the downward trajectory of their relevance, or if it’s vice-versa.  While Ruess has the star-power, it’s undeniable that Antonoff is the driving creative force behind the band.

Not to make it seem like Antonoff is a legitimate artist and Ruess is some hack (Jack Antonoff has songwriting credits for songs by many of the most radio-friendly, unoriginal artists out right now: Taylor Swift, Sara Bareilles, Christina Perri, Carly Rae Jepsen); I think the blame is mutual for fun.’s uninspired output, but it at least seems to me that Antonoff has more of a desire to actually be a musician than Ruess, who seems to just want to make some money.

So there you have it: I can’t guarantee I’m not going to hate Bleachers album once I hear all of it, but “I Wanna Get Better” is good enough that I can forgive having to hear fucking “Some Nights" every hour, on the hour all of last summer.